MESOP DOCUMENTS : Statement of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party on the latest developments in Baghdad

Our capital Baghdad haswitnessed today (30th April 2016) important developments with largenumbers of demonstrators and protesters storming the parliament building.

It took place after thepostponement of the session of parliament to the 10th of May, at atime when the masses of people in front of the Green Zone and Tahrir(Liberation) Square were waiting for the parliament’s session to be held todayto resolve the cabinet reshuffle in accordance with their demands, so as to bethe beginning of renouncing the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that wasadopted by the ruling forces and blocs in setting up the structure of the politicalsystem and its administration.

The insistence of some ofthe dominant ruling blocs to stick to the policy of power-sharing, and resortingto more procrastination and reneging on promises and deadlines, was the directcause of fueling the resentment and anger of the protesters, and pushing themto enter the Green Zone. This could have been avoided if there had been sincereintentions and a rapid response to the legitimate demands of the masses, and ifserious steps were taken by the parliament and government that would have indicateda serious approach to move along the path of real and comprehensive reform.

While we hold the rulinggroups responsible for the present situation in the country, with all the gravedangers it entails, especially at this critical time when our people and armedforces in all their formations are waging the battle against terrorism and Daesh,we warn that obstinacy and insistence on sectarian power-sharing threaten to produceother ominous crises.

We believe that it isnow essential that an urgent meeting of the parliament is held, to approve theformation of the full new cabinet on the basis of competence, integrity andprofessionalism, away from power-sharing and allocation of posts, to be thefirst step in a comprehensive reform plan which must also include theindependent bodies and special senior posts in government.

At this critical momentwe call on the demonstrators and protesters to continue to adhere to thepeaceful character of the demonstrations and to renounce any form of violence,and to protect public and private property and show high discipline, so as todeny anyone who wants to harm the peaceful, constitutional and civil characterof the mass protest movement the opportunity to do so.

On the other hand, thestance of the security forces and their discipline and professionalism have playeda major role in safeguarding life and property, and protecting thedemonstrators and protesters and ensuring their safety, is worthy ofrecognition and praise.

Continued peacefulpopular pressure is still required until there is full compliance with the justand legitimate demands of the demonstrators and protestors; for political andjudicial reform, ending the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing, combatingcorruption and bringing the corrupt to account, the provision of publicservices, and alleviating the burden of the economic and financial crisis onthe shoulders of the toilers and low-income people.

 Baghdad – 30thApril 2016