Curiouser and curiouser…Assad’s and Maliki’s combined aerial and ground forces were unable to launch any attack on ISIS forces destroying a barrier between the two countries, although both are lightning-fast in launching attacks on civilians and on FSA forces fighting the ISIS…

#‎Syria-Iraq border, 12-06-2014: ‘The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham posted pictures online of militants bulldozing a berm dividing Iraq and Syria, symbolizing its goal of uniting its forces in the two countries. The jihadists could be seen clearing a road through the berm, before trucks drove through as a militant stood nearby holding the group’s black flag, in photos shared on websites and Twitter.Creating a cross-border Islamic state is one of the group’s main aims.

The first shot was dated June 10 and carried the title of the photo series, “Smashing the Sykes-Picot border” – a reference to the agreement between Britain and France that carved up the Middle East after World War I, with the former taking Iraq and the latter Syria.’