MESOP COMMENTARY: SYRIA: Enough is enough !

15 Oct 2012 – By Zeravan Barwari: Kurdistan Tribune – The Syrian people have become a tool in the political games played by several countries in the Middle East. The world has divided into two blocs over Syria. There is the US, Turkey and Arab bloc which supports the political changes in the Middle East and has a positive perspective about the Syrian revolution. However, the second block – comprising Russia, China, and Iran – supports the Syrian regime to protect its own interests. Fearing their further isolation in the region, these countries are trying to protect their national interests by backing the regime.

Syrian civilians have become the victims, with thousands dying in the daily violence in various cities. International law and human rights are being abused before the eyes of the global community. Children, women and old people are being killed by aircraft and heavy weaponry. It is unbelievable: The United Nations and other international organizations are observing the tragedy of Syria without any reaction. This is a shameful world and a black era for humanity and human rights. It is an era of irresponsibility.

Today, the Syrian disaster has become a regional and international crisis. It is not a local crisis anymore, because it impacts on nearby countries and threatens the security and peace of the whole region. The Syrian crisis has become a dangerous crisis in the Middle East. Now it is obvious that the future is not bright anymore in this region, and it might cost a regional war if the world continues in its silence. So it is time to reach the point of: “Enough is enough”. Syrian civilians cannot keep enduring this situation, and the surrounding countries have real fears about the violent political developments in Syria. For instance, the Syrian regime is trying to draw Turkey into its mess; in the other words, Basher Al Assad is trying to create a regional mess in order to save his power. If this goal comes true it means the tragedy of Middle East has already started. The whole world peace will be under threat because it will be not only a war between two states – it might become a war between two blocs and this is the road towards a third world war.

It is important to know: Why is the whole world watching? Is there anything called international law? What about humanitarian interference? And why are the Arab countries silent?

The international actors are nervous about the development of the Syrian crisis. Some countries believe that terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida will take power in Damascus and this will destroy the security and stability of Syria and surrounding countries. At the same time, some countries are concerned about their interests in the Middle East after the Libyan crisis and the subsequent isolation of Russia and China in North Africa.

However, this does not mean that the international community has the right to stay silent and ignore the bloodshed in Syria. The extremist violent groups will not control the political system in a post-Bashar era. This is because the nature of the Syrian people is different from the ideological viewpoint of Al-Qaida. The main Islamic group in Syria is the Brotherhood group and the Western countries can distinguish between this and other more extreme groups.

I think there is a greater threat from Iran’s role in the region and from the negative involvement of Russia and China. It is in the mutual interests of the global powers to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, in order to protect international security and stability. Otherwise there will be another world war; especially since the Syrian regime is trying to involve more countries in its crisis.

In conclusion, the international community must act and take its responsibility towards human beings. The Syrian people must be protected by the international powers, without using them as a tool in their political competition. It is time for a new era based on respecting human rights, practically and not just theoretically. The whole world has a responsibility to save the lives of children and innocent civilians in Syria.

Zeravan Barwari has a Masters degree in Political Science. He has worked with international organizations such as UN, EU and NDI in many countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently he is a volunteer with NGOs and a lecturer at the University of Dohuk.