Kurdish National Congress in Erbil postponed until 25th of November

Facing the actual elections in South Kurdistan the Congress has to be postponed. The preparation committee will continue its work.  – Other sources report about deep political conflicts behind the curtains. In connection with the Rojava question and the question about the arrangement of the Presidency-Cycle  of the Pan-Kurdish conferences.

The argument with the “elections” is not very convincing: They already knew the elections were coming up, so they could have seen this coming.  So probably there are other severe reasons like KDP-PKK competition over Syria. PKK media recently accused Rudaw-Magazine of being set up by Turkish MIT (intelligence) to attack and discredit PYD/PKK policies in Syria. Moreover, PKK doesn’t want to accept Barzani as co-chair, if these policies continue. Furthermore, dispute over the number of representatives from each part of Kurdistan.

There is no guarantee to solve this problems & contradictions until November.

The whole dispute is neither patriotic nor revolutionary, it’s purely a fight for power. –  Before the first  historic conference has started and debates the Kurdish future and before even they discussed politics and aspirations and far away  from creating statues or a transitional constitution – they fight about leaders.

There is a great possibility that the whole Pan-Kurdish Conference will never happen in 2013.