US Senate Calls for the Establishment of a Province for Christians in Nineveh Plain

SHHAFAAQ COM – 2015-01-29 – 17 members of the US Senate Foreign Minister, John Kerry called to support the Iraqi government’s efforts to establish a province in Nineveh Plain that includes Assyrians and other Christian minorities inhabiting the area.The senator’s call came in a letter sent to Kerry and included signatures of highest-level Democrat in the Intelligence Committee, Dane Feinstein, a member of the Armed Services Committee, Ted Cruz, the official for voting of Democrats , Senate Richard Durbin, tthe member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Council, Jane Shaheen, and the member of the financial allocations Commission ,Mark Kirk. The signatories stressed the need for the United States to provide assistance and training to the responsible forces for this province and provide the necessary assistance for minorities, including the Assyrian to end the persecution that they have experienced in Iraq.