MESOP BASHAR’S MULLAH’S – Assad’s top cleric Hasson calls to exterminate people of Aleppo

Orient Net – Special  Publication Date: 2016-04-30 – Assad regime’s top cleric Ahmad Badr al-Hasson passed a fatwa, judgment, to exterminate Syrians in  the eastern parts of Aleppo where civilians live under opposition’s control. Hasson said on Assad regime’s news channel al-Akhbaraya, “I call upon the Syrian Army to show us its rage and I also call upon our leader to show us their rage in exterminating those criminals.”  Hasson has been known for his fatwas of extermination and destruction in Syria for the last four years. It is worth reminding that Assad’s top cleric warned Western countries against military intervention in Syria and threatened to retaliate with suicide bombings in the United States and Europe if his country comes under attack.