Barzani’s warning letter to Kurdistan parliament, government & political parties

ERBIL-Hewler, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— The president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani issued a warning letter on April 16th 2015, to Kurdistan Region’s parliament presidency, government and political parties. The detail of the letter is shown below:

“Dear Kurdistan Parliament Presidency, Kurdistan Region Council of Minister’s Presidency -Political Parties in Kurdistan Region – Citizen of Kurdistan Region,

The enemies of Kurdistan region tried every possible ways to abort our region’s sacrifice and achievements including threatening, Anfal Campaign, Genocide, Chemical attacks, Sanctions, Imprisonment, encouraging fighting between political parties, cutting salaries of our region’s employees and terrorist attacks, but relying on God (Great Allah) and the good wills and patience of our nation, Kurdistan managed to overcome all those plans and obstacles, achieved victories and defeated its enemies.

Now our nation is closer than ever of gaining major victories and successes, but unfortunately a new method of antagonizing Kurdish nation has appeared which is through media statements, and articles aiming at initiating a civil war in our region, creating chaos and getting us back in to the era of two governments in the region. This is not a freedom of expression, but its betrayal of our country and the nation; and practicing of our enemy’s agenda and policy.

This unpatriotic view should not be allowed in Kurdistan region. This matter poses threat on our national security as well as Kurdistan region’s security and put all the great achievements obtained by bloodshed and tears in danger. I ask Kurdistan Parliament, Kurdistan Regional Government and the General Prosecutor of Kurdistan Region to do their duties, stand against this unpatriotic dangerous plan and find a legal & official solution for it to prevent its spread, which would targets the nation’s life, region’s unity and satisfaction, and also campaigns toward civil war & having two governments in the region.

I ask all the Political Parties in Kurdistan Region to stop the appearance and growth of such unpatriotic views among our nation. I also ask Kurdish nation not to allow those people and anti-national route to carry on spreading the wills of civil fighting, dividing the nation; and to use all our power to protect Kurdistan and unity of our nation.”