15 Apr 2015 – HDP Parliamentary Group President and Diyarbakir MP candidate Idris Baluken has told a group of HDP election workers in Bingöl that the AKP plans to start a war if the HDP fails to gain the 10% of votes necessary to enter parliament in elections this June, according to an article from DIHA and carried in Özgür Gündem.The remarks were made as part of a series of election stops throughout Bingöl province. At one rally, Baluken stressed the urgency of exceeding the mandatory election threshold of 10%, saying “a showing of between 30% and 40% is not good for Bingöl. Knowledge is among the most important of values. Our crossing the election threshold is essential to the future of Turkey in this coming century.”

‘The AKP has decided on war.’

Turning to the progress of peace talks between the Kurdish movement and the ruling AKP government, Baluken noted that ‘peace efforts are being driven by the efforts of Mr. Öcalan. Despite the peace talks undertaken by the AKP government, in the most recent meeting of the National Security COuncil, which lasted for 13 hours, they decided on war. This is clear to us and we have this information in our possession. The decision taken at the security council meeting would probably have already been put into action if not for the elections. But for the time being as we are in an election period the AKP looks upon this decision as risky. Because they need the votes of the people of Kurdistan. They cannot say ‘I have decided on war not come and give us your votes’ while they put this decision into practice. We are sure of this: If the AKP strengthens its hand in this election and the HDP remains under the election threshold they may once again begin a great war. That which happened in Ağrı was a part of the decision for taken taken in the meeting of the National Security Council.”

Baluken added that the AKP’s decision for war would be invalidated when the HDP crossed the election threshold in June, saying “this decision which was taken by the AKP and falls on all of us will be invalidated. This will be done by reducing the number of votes received by the AKP in the election and helping the HDP overcome the threshold. If we can make this happen then let the AKP do whatever it wants they will not be able to start a war.” Following the meeting Baluken met with more local business leaders and tradespeople, before heading to the nearby town of Arakonak in the district of Solhan. The meeting was also attended by the local AKP mayor and a large number of village guards. After returning to Solhan Baluken visited a local youth cultural center before heading to the district of Genç, also in Bingöl Province.