MESOP ACTION : Free Abdulcabbar Igdi

On 27 November 2011 Abdulcabbar Igdi was arrested and since then kept in custody in several Turkish prisons. Abdulcabbar Igdi is a local human rights activist and politician from the city called Cizre, which is situated in the Southeastern part of Turkey. Before his imprisonment Igdi fulfilled several social and political positions (see paragraphs below) and because of his (official) activities he became a target for the Turkish authorities.

Igdi as a politician

Abdulcabbar Igdi was a member of the political party Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and was a member of the city council (municipality) in Cizre. Due to this position Igdi had many duties and responsibilities within the community of Cizre.

Igdi as human rights activist

Abdulcabbar Igdi is a human rights activist. In this regard he passed on human rights violations which occurred in the city Cizre and in the province Sirnak to social media and regular media and to organizations such as  Human Rights Watch and the Turkish human rights organization, Insan Haklari Dernegi (IHD).

Igdi was also in Cizre active for the campaign called Cocuklar icin Adalet Girisimi (Campaign Justice for Children). This campaign was to get attention for children who were being detained after pro-Kurdish demonstrations.

Igdi gave support to an investigation / research regarding the detention of civilians in the 90s. These persons were alleged supporting PKK. No one knows whether they are still detained in Turkey or not. These people have disappeared. For more information on this matter please see the report by Human Rights Watch, in which also Abdulcabbar Igdi is mentioned.

Igdi as an advocate for art, culture and environment

In his position as a member of the city council he was responsible for the art and culture, including cultural heritage of the region of Cizre. He also was the representative for the organization called CEKÜL in the province Sirnak (see: ). This organization advocates for the environmental and cultural heritage of the Turkey and also in the province Sirnak. In regard of his archeological action/work it is important to mention that the historical castle of Cizre was turned into barracks for soldiers. Igdi and his colleagues succeeded to get the castle back for the city. This meant that the soldiers had to leave the castle.

He also did another archeological work by gathering archaeological founding’s for the museum’s and by working with archaeologists from the region.

Abdulcabbar Igdi is married and has five children.

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