WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA) – General Command: A Statement to the Public Opinion / General Command of People’s Protection Units (YPG)

25 May 2015 – Dawood Jendo; the military commander of Al-Khabur guards was subjected to the process of shooting that led to his martyrdom and wounding another person in his company in 22 April 2015. We 9issued an official statement about the incident on Wednesday 29 April 2015 as we expressed our determination to pursue the case and bring the perpetrators to justice.In the context of the investigation about the assassination we have arrested four suspected individuals, while intensive and accurate investigations are still ongoing. The allegations and accusations published in the media about the murder and accusing People’s Defense Units were totally incorrect by means of proposing to achieve malicious goals, which can ignite sedition and hit region components together. The truth is the murder suspects are individuals and they do not represent the YPG and our position as the People’s Defense Units. As well as we obliged to do our duty to protect our Assyrians and Arab brothers.

Along with the – Khabur guards, Syriac Military Council, Al-Sanadeed Forces and Self-Defense Forces – the People’s Defense Units have stood with all of their strength in the face of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization’s invasion on Assyrian villages located between Tel Tamer town and the Al-Hasaka city in Jazira region, Rojava. Our units have paid more than hundred martyrs to defend and liberate these villages from Daesh terrorists so that the local population could once more return to their homes.Therefore, the excitement of this incident and accused a particular party to committing this crime designed to isolate the components of Assyrian and Syriac and keep them alone in the face of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist without any protection.

We emphasize once again to public opinion that we defend the right of all components in the region to live in peace and security from intruder’s terrorism and criminality; that stems from our absolute faith in the unity of the common destiny.

25 May 2015