ISIL dramatic advance.. Iraq at stake

ARA News – 13-6-2014 – Kobane, Syria – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which controlled the entire Iraqi city of Mosul and Ninwa province two days ago, continued on Thursday its advance towards Baghdad, following the orders of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, ISIL’s spokesperson, in an audio recording (published online).

ISIL-linked websites broadcasted the audio recording earlier on Thursday, in which al-Adnani said: “The real battles will be in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf.” Al-Adnani criticized the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Malki, for being unqualified, describing him as “slogans’ seller” and “crazy person”. Al-Adnani also bewailed the death of Abu abd al-Rahman al-Bilawi, one of ISIL leaders who was killed in Mosul battle, two days ago. Addressing the group’s militants, ISIL’s spokesperson called for maintaining lands held by ISIL and promptly confront the Iraqi army.According to primary reports, more than 500 thousand Iraqi civilians crossed into Iraqi Kurdistan, after ISIL’s complete control over Mosul city in Ninevah province and Tikrit city in Selah al-Din province in central Iraq.

Meanwhile, ISIL detained 80 Turks in Mosul, including the Turkish consul and some children.

Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish Foreign Minister, threatened ISIL of “extreme response if any harm occurred to the Turkish detainees in Mosul”.The Kurdish Peshmerga forces completely held the outskirts of Kirkuk city, north of Baghdad, following the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from the area.

Brigadier Shirko Fatih, the leader of Peshmerga First Brigade, told France Press “We deployed our forces around Kirkuk and controlled the whole city.”The Kurdish forces prepared themselves to defend Iraqi Kurdistan from any potential attack by ISIL. Noteworthy, the ISIL group holds large areas of Syria, from Aleppo eastern countryside to the Iraqi borders. Recently, the group gained control over several areas in Iraq in a dramatic development.