situationGeneral Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria / STATEMENT ON PYD

One more time the PYD comes out with fake charges and false accusations through a fabricated play, as usual, by issuing a complaint on behalf of “martyrs’ families” and addressing it to the so called Court of Justice in Qamishlo against Ibrahim Biro, the president of the KNC, Abdulhakim Bachar and Fuad Aliko, the Kurdish members in the negotiation delegation to the Geneva III talks. The complaint reads as follows: “The mercenaries who have the following names offended the values of martyrs and the values of the Rojava Revolution through their public war against our revolution and our accomplishments as well as their open non-acceptance of our self-administration. We hope the Honoured Court will prosecute those criminals in the name of the families of 500 martyrs”.

Unfortunately, the PYD plays with the martyrs’ values and the martyrs themselves harming their sacrifices by using them for fictitious, political defamation against KNC-leaders as done before against Abdulraham Abo, a member of the Central Committee of PDK-S who is under arrest to the present day.

It is worth mentioning that at the time when PYD fails at the international level, it targets the leadership of the Kurdish National Council as an attempt to kill the efforts of the KNC which conducts unique political and diplomatic activities during the ongoing negotiations between the opposition delegation and the regime under international monitoring. Those targeted by this complaint are defending the legitimacy of the Kurdish cause, the importance of introducing it to the negotiations’ agenda, and the KNC vision to have a federal state in a future Syria as well as a peaceful political solution for the Syrian issue.

We in the Kurdish National Council count those fabricated accusals as a public approach of political murder, a way to muzzle the people and to ban the freedom of expression by threats. We assure that the PYD is taking the responsibility in case those KNC leaders face any dangers or any harmful events inside and outside the country. We demand of the international community, international human rights organisations as well as of the Kurdistan forces to fulfil their responsibilities and to interfere and put an end to these actions and policies which are violating human rights.

27th of March 2016 – General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria