Security & Defense Commission: controlling the land border with Syria will be accompanied by liberalization of Nineveh

Shafaq News / 23 Feb 2015 – The security and defense parliamentary committee revealed on Monday, that the Defense Ministry plans to control the land border with Syria, in conjunction with launching the liberation operation of Nineveh province from the presence of ISIS elements. The decision maker of the Commission, Hajuan Abdullah told “Shafaq News”, that “the security and defense committee asked the Defense Minister , Khaled al-Obeidi to control the land border between Iraq and Syria to prevent the flow of terrorists and the transfer of weapons and combat equipment,” adding that “the Minister of Defense informed the Committee that keeping the border process with Syria will accompany with   launching the liberation operation of Nineveh. “

He added that “ISIS organization is still offset the decrease in the preparation of its fighters in Iraq from Syria across the land border, which is subjected under its control”, adding that “undermining ISIS organization need to control the land border.” The United States says that the Iraqi army has not yet been prepared to fight the restoration of Mosul battle from ISIS that was dominated in the summer of last year and then expanded rapidly in the north and west regions of the country. Kurdish forces have made successive victories achieved on “ISIS” in recent months in the north and west of Mosul and is now about 15 km from the city. Kurdish forces are still battling to restore Sinjar district center after breaking the siege of thousands of families stuck in Mount Sinjar.