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Field activities in western Kurdistan – Back to the old tools in heating because of the siege that imposed on the western Kurdistan

Derek – in light of the systematic blockade that is forced on the Kurdish people of western Kurdistan by the hostile policies of both the free and regular army, the region is suffering tremendous hardships.

With the advent of winter the suffering of the people increases due to the bitter cold and harsh weather conditions.  There is still a big shortage of basic necessities such as for example fuel for heating. The situation has deteriorated after armed groups of the FSA seized hundreds of fuel tanks heading towards western Kurdistan.

To overcome the difficult conditions of the siege , citizens have resorted to old tools  of  heating  and cooking and the use of firewood. They also use lanterns and candles.

The migration of doctors from western Kurdistan

Hasaka – in light of the difficult living conditions in western Kurdistan, a huge wave of doctors have migrated from western Kurdistan to neighboring countries, leaving their own people without medical expertise. This has lead to a general lack healthcare services and the spread of diseases.

Turkey is trying to send 4 trucks of weapons to the armed groups in western Kurdistan.

– Sources reported that 4 large trucks filled with arms provided from Ukrainia to Turkey had stopped in Turkey to later be sent to the armed groups in Western Kurdistan. 

The sources pointed out that the arms shipment will be sent to western Kurdistan by smugglers, and the completion of this transaction would offer 10 million Turkish lira for them. The source added that hight officials in the Turkish government coordinate the deal.

Ibrahim and  Sheikh ali : There  no possibility to have military forces outside the supreme Kurdish council.

Qamishlo  –  Mohiuddin Sheikh Ali ( Secretary of the  Democratic Unity Party) and  Nasr Eddin Ibrahim ( Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party) confirmed that there is no  possibility of the existence of any military force outside the framework of the specialized body of the supreme  kurdish council.Ibrahim pointed out that the peoples protection units ( YPG) is  under the umbrella of the Professional Committee of the Supreme Kurdish body. He said “Our second conference dealt with the heroic resistance shown by YPG to in Sheikh Maqsoud, Efrin and more recently in Serê Kaniyê”.

Peace and justice committees continue to resolve the  problems between groups in society . We have witnessed in the Syrian regions in general and especially in  western Kurdistan, that  a lot of problems between different components of the Syrian fabric have occurred. This is due to political racism and chauvinism followed by the Baathist regime. It is a deliberate policy from the regime in order to stir sectarian strife and to keep the different components in Syrian in constant struggle with each other.

But since the liberation of the Kurdish areas and the establishment of councils, foundations and unions which manages the communities, there has been major improvements with regards to these issues. Organizations committed to resolving problems related to ethnicity and religion have led to an increased stability in areas such as Qamishlo, Kobani and Efrin.

The head of Sharabeya‘s clan part of  “Bou Assaf”: We condemn  the attack of  Shabiha on the peoples protection units.

Karki-Laki  – Abdullah Badr al-Assaf Mukhtar of village Baglh and tribal leader of  Sharabia clan  “Bou Assaf”  denounced  the attack by some Shabiha Baathists on YPG and stated that they would stand alongside the people protection units in their fight for Girzîro.


Amuda –   the village of Sanjak Saadoun of the city of Amuda  held a general meeting by members of the People’s Councils of 24 villages in the city of Amuda. The aim is to represent all councils in one major council: martyr Khurshids council.Amuda city was divided into four parts, including martyr Khurshids part, which includes 24 popular councils. During the meeting the councils where expanded with new members.

Furthermore the established four key committees: 1. Committees for peace 2. protection 3.Youth 4. Environment. Each committee is composed of seven members.

The Peace Council in Tel Tamer urged the FSA to leave the cattle station .

Tel Tamer  – According to local sources from inside the city of Tel Tamer, the Peace Council of the city, which was formed after the liberation of the city from the Baathist regime, called on the armed groups of the free army, which has looted the cattle station ( about 2 km from the city)  to leave. They held that the city is liberated from the Syrian regime and managed by their own population. The  entry  of the free  army and their actions only shows that they and the regime are two sides of the same coin. A number of armed battalions entered Western Kurdistan from the Turkish border. The Firat News Agency confirmed that a number of armed battalions entered western Kurdistan border crossing in Serê Kaniyê, which is controlled by the Turkish government.

According to the same sources, approximately 1,500 armed militants of several battalions entered western Kurdistan, and then went on to the south in al Haoul  and the town of Tal Hamis, in the south Alrmelan area.

Altaqadoumy party : Feesh khabor authorities prevent the passage of humanitarian aid coming from Sulaymaniyah.

Qamishlo  –  the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria said that  the authorities of  Feesh Khabor prevent the passage of humanitarian aid coming from Sulaymaniyah on the grounds that the committee is not ready.

Serê Kaniyê – a reporter of firat news agency said that clashes happened between YPG  and an armed group belong to Nawaf al-Bashir called “Katibet Ahfad Alrasoul” ( a battalion of the Prophet’s grandsons ) , where most of the fighters came from the city of Idlib. They entered to the city through the Turkish border.


That group has launched an attack on the homes of residents along the route to the city of Hasaka, which led to the intervention of the YPG to defend the people.According to the reporter of the Firat news agency, the clashes are still continuing now, according to preliminary information two members of the armed groups are dead and several are wounded.


Armed groups used heavy weapons in Serê Kaniyê

Serê Kaniyê- Local sources confirmed that armed groups are using heavy weapons, “RPG7, mortar, DSHK”  in their assault on the city of Serê Kaniyê where indiscriminate shelling on the city’s neighborhoods are being carried out to intimidate the people.

The reporter confirmed  that  11 members of armed groups have been killed and 50  have been wounded and transferred to the city of Serê Kaniyê (Ceylanpinar) hospital  in northern Kurdistan (Turkey). The reporter noted that they transferred those with severe wounds to the  hospital of Rōha “Urfa,”. The YPG are advancing the field on the ground and push the armed groups to withdraw.

Asayish in Aleppo found a  body of a young Kurdish man in Dewar-Aljandoul .


Aleppo –  Asayish (police) in Aleppo found a  body of a young Kurdish man named Adam Aibo. He  was married with two sons from Midaneka village belonging to Afrin. The body  was dumped near the roundabout of Jandoul  east of the city of Aleppo .

Office of the Presidency of the People’s Assembly of Western Kurdistan sent a telegram of condolence to the presidency of the Kurdistan region .

Qamishlo  –  Office of the Presidency Parliament for West Kurdistan sent a  telegram of condolences to the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, condemning the suicide bombings that targeted the city of Kirkuk.


The Council  of the Kurdish economists  reveal the results of its conference to  the public .

Qamishlo  -A conference with and by kurdish  economists was held  in Qamishlo on 04.01.2013. It was attented by a hundred and eighty people; businessmen , merchants and  experienced  specialists from all cities of western Kurdistan. The conference was also attended by members and observers of the Supreme Kurdish Council. The aim of the conference was to find ways to develop the economic sector in Western Kurdistan and to find urgent solutions to the situation in some Kurdish areas where securing basic needs for daily life continues to be a struggle. The conference also concentrated on the need for women’s participation in the development of the economy and the need to lift the economic blockade that has been imposed on Western Kurdistan by all of its neighbors.

Police (Asayish) in Karki Laki  extradite prisoners to the National Arab body .

Karki Laki – in the late hours of the night Police forces ordered to deliver “Shabiha” (masked thugs) that attacked the YPG to the National Arab Body. The YPG which had surrounded a Syrian army battalion near the village of Krzero until they finally surrendered decided to in turn hand 8 captives to the police which in turn extradited them to the National Arab body . This was done after negotiations took place between the Kurdish High Council and the National Arab Body at the police headquarters in Karki Laki . The arrival of some  aid that have been  sent by humanitarian organizations to western Kurdistan. Derek – after five consecutive days of waiting for the border crossing between Western and Southern Kurdistan to open in Saemalka village the KRG still cause obstructions for aid to enter  the humanitarian organizations. The border however was finally opened today.Today, after a closed-door meeting lasted nearly an hour between the two houses, the border crossing was opened at three in the afternoon in the presence of supervisors to manage the crossing and security committees and Haihaligath to receive aid.


Peace Committee of the Supreme Kurdish body met Arab tribe

Karki Laki  –   a consultative meeting held  between the Commission of civil peace of the body Kurdish High Council and Arab tribes in the village of Seah nest of Karki was held. The meeting resulted in several resolutions, including a Charter of joint cooperation between the different people of the region and the need to accelerate the Arab tribes in the formation of councils and committees was discussed in order for them to be a reference effectiveness in the current circumstances in the region.


Armed groups kidnapped three buses with civilians in Serê-Kaniyê

Serê-Kaniyê – sources from inside the city of Serê-Kaniyê said that armed groups affiliated to Nawaf al-Bashir associated with the Turkish government kidnapped three buses of civilians passengers near the entrance to the city on the road from the city of Tel Abiad.

According to sources, three passenger buses were coming from the city of Kubani and were carrying passengers on their way to Southern Kurdistan, when they arrived on the outskirts of the city of Serê-Kaniyê they were abducted and taken to an unknown location by armed groups of Nawaf al-Bashir which are associated with the Turkish government.

According to sources, the three buses were carrying about 42 passengers on their way from the city of Kubani to Southern Kurdistan. Armed groups in Serê-Kaniyê disguised as Kurdish security personel to lure and kidnap citizens . Serê-Kaniyê – The citizens of the city of Serê-Kaniyê confirmed that kurdish mercenaries belonging to the  armed groups of Newaf AlBashir and which are associated with the Turkish government are disguising themselves as members of YPG  and visiting homes in the late hours of the night. When citizens open the doors of their homes they are abducted.


The number of deserters from the Syrian army in Girziro rose   to 29 soldiers.

Girziro-. A correspondent reported that another fifteen soldiers of the Syrian army had deserted in these last two days the village of Girziro, 25 km east of the city. A battalion had been surrounded by the YPG for 9 days. The number of soldiers of the Syrian army defecting thus rose to 29 soldiers.

The reporter also said that the YPG is continuing for the ninth day to surround the military battalion of the Syrian army in Alrmelan near the village of Girziro.


Shelling from the armed group  falling on Serê-Kaniyê, citizens are determined to stay.

Serê-Kaniyê –  on the streets of Serê-Kaniyê the armed groups continue firing mortar and tank shells randomly on civilian homes in order to strike terror among them and make them leave their city, and also to allow them to continue their series of looting and theft, which started since they entered the city from the Turkish border .

Clashes continue in Serê-Kaniyê, citizens are joining the war against armed groups.

Serê-Kaniyê  –  for the third day in a row the  violent clashes continue  between the YPG and armed groups which are associated with the islamist group Nawaf al-Bashir. They are led by a certain Colonel Khaled Abu-Jamal from the Syrian city of Idlib. The clashes took another turn this time with the discontent for the appalling practices of these groups, which have convinced many young Arabs in the city alongside their Kurdish brothers to take up arms against these groups, citizens have thus participated in the clashes especially after the loss they suffered as a result of the shelling that the armed groups continue to direct at civilian homes.

Graduation from the Police Academy in Afrin.

Afrin –  on Friday The Academy of Asayish (Police) in Afrin graduated the third class of brave troops under the name of martyr Rizgar cycle.

The installment included members from areas  of Afrin, Aleppo and Kobani were 37 people, received political theory classes and lessons about the laws of Asayish in addition to receiving training on the use of arms, and firing .


Armed groups in Serê-Kaniyê kidnapped four civilians.

Serê-Kaniyê – sources in Serê-Kaniyê  reported that armed groups had kidnapped four civilians and had taken them as hostage for refusing to letting them enter their homes.

The kidnapped are “Mahmoud Hassan – Hassan Dham – Ali Hassan – Barzan Hassan” all of the family of Khelou.Clashes between armed groups in the neighborhood of Almahatta

Serê-Kaniyê on the Turkish side of the border – A source from the city of Serê-Kaniyê “Gilan Pinar” reported that clashes occurred in the meantime between armed groups backed by Nawaf al-Bashir and the Turkish state, because of a dispute over the loot seized from some houses in the city of Serê-Kaniyê


Six civilians were shot dead by armed groups in Serê-Kaniyê.

Serê-Kaniyê – six civilians  wounded on Friday, including a woman and a child that were shot dead by armed groups during their presence in front of the door of their homes in the city.

On the health conditions of the many wounded, medical sources reported no serious wounds, and they are receiving treatment at the health centers in the city of Amuda and Qamishlo , where YPG moved them to the hospital .

The armed groups have threatened civilians today through loudspeakers belonging to the mosques, and warned them to leave the city they have then proceeded to fire mortars and tank shells at civilian houses randomly, they have also started kidnapping civilians.


 A statement to the public opinion on the events in Serê Kaniyê 1/20/13

After peace was once again installed in Serê Kaniyê city by an agreement between YPG and the armed groups who hadattacked the city two months earlier, a deal was struck to form a local council representing all the cites inhabitants. As a result ofthis agreement, many people who had fled the city came back to their homes. But unfortunately, the agreement was broken when the armed groups treacherously attacked the Kurdish districts in the city again. This forced the People Protection Units (YPG) toan armed response in order to defend their areas. Since then the battle has intensified and it has become very clear that the armed groups never intended to keep the deal. Furthermore we know for a fact that the attack was planned with major preparations, almost exclusively with Turkish aid and support.

While we condemn these terrorist acts and the breach of the previous agreement, we are asking the Syrian coalition, theSyrian opposition and the Free Syrian Army to clarify theirstandpoints concerning these armed groups who are deliberatelydragging our region into a struggle between Kurds andopposition forces. This poses a real threat to the security and safety of the Kurdish people and jeopardizes the goals of the Syrian revolution. Thus, we are calling for an immediate withdrawal of the armed groups from Serê Kaniyê.

We appeal directly to the Syrian people, particularly to the Syrian revolutionary forces and the national opposition, to be aware of the events taking place in Serê Kaniyê (Ras-Al ain) and their implications. It is a deliberate attempt, by external forces, to disturb the national unity of Syria and to stir conflict among the different components of the Syrian fabric. This only serves the enemies of the great Syrian revolution!

We also emphasize that the Kurdish people will never give up defending their dignity and their liberties, whatever the sacrifices, whatever the costs. We will by all means necessarysupport our people in Serê Kaniyê who are defending their right to a decent life in freedom and peace. This city was, and still is,a symbol of harmonious coexistence, brotherhood, and  anexpression of civil peace. This has been vividly reinforced as the sons and daughters of the city, from the various components of the syrian fabric, have jointly defended the peace and stability of the area. In this regard, we express our sincerest gratitude to the people’s protection units (YPG) and we salute their heroic struggle, in particular the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the protection of the city.

The Supreme Kurdish Council Qamishlo 20/01/2013

Statement regarding terrorist attacks on Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ain

Our people in Ras al-Ain / Sere Kaniye in north Syria have been under suspicious armed attack from outside and inside the Syrian borders for some time which has become fiercer since 16 January 2013, with accompanying repugnant irresponsible statements aiming to split the national front and the social identity that forms the demographics of this part of Syria. These attacks have been perpetrated by some of the brigades and divisions that claim to be the arm of the Syrian revolution, such as the Brigades of Ahrar Al’oma (the free people of the nation), Ahrar Gowairan (free people of Gowairan), Mishaal Tamo, Gorabaa Alsham, the descendants of the Ahfad al-Rasul Brigade, Abna Saad bin Abi Waqas Brigade and troops linked to the military council of the Free Army.

These brigades have alone or in collaboration carried out many attacks on unarmed civilians and on empty buildings of the state which do not now represent the regime and which are the property of the people. They forced most of the families in the city to flee, leaving their homes and properties which were looted by the above-mentioned brigades. The People’s Protection Units (YPG) were forced to retaliate against these attacks to protect the families in the area and protect the area’s versatile social structure of many religions and nationalities.

We in the National Coordination Body strongly condemn the actions of these groups which are alien to the revolution, and represent foreign agendas, in particular the Turkish agenda which is supporting these groups and supplying them with weapons, foreign fighters, ammunition and armoured vehicles which are illegally crossing the border. This is a clear breach of national sovereignty and an outright breach of international laws, a move that does not serve the Syrian people nor their revolution for freedom and respect. All this takes place in the shadow of a deliberate absence of the Syrian military institution which is supposed to protect the borders and nation but it has become the hostage of a Regime that is using it to maintain its dictatorship and oppress the revolution of freedom and dignity.

We call upon our people in Syria to reject these terrorist groups and expose them. We call upon the international community to put utmost pressure on the Turkish government which is evidently facilitating the transfer of terrorism and its apparatuses into Syria.We call on our people to question the reasons and aims for attacking a main component of the Syrian community in an area where the Regime representation has ceased, and the area is run by local committees made up of all the components of the society which were living together peacefully and were in the forefront in abiding by the values and morals of the revolution from its beginning up till now through weekly demonstrations calling for the fall of the Regime.

Media Office – National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria – in Exile.