Massoud Barzani warns about PUK intraparty conflict

17.2.2014 – Kurdpress – Kurdistan Region President and the leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Massoud Barzani, warned former ruling Patriotic Union of Kurdistan over conflict in the party, PUKmedia said.

Gathering with PUK Political Bureau members in Salahaddin resort, Barzani warned the current conflict on the party will remain a negative impact on the political atmosphere of the Iraqi self-ruling region. On PUK side, each of Kosrat Rasul, Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, Malla Bakhtyar and Emad Ahmed attended in the meeting. The meeting was in the framework of Barzani`s meeting with Kurdish political entities in Kurdistan Region.The two sides also discussed domestic issues and the formation of the KRG cabinet, in which the attendants reiterated the importance and necessity to quicker formation of the new government cabinet. President Barzani, on his side, showed his full support for this notion and pledged negotiations with other political parties to quicken the process.