MAM JELAL & HERO on the eve of the new year

Mrs. Talabani: I will be with Talabani for the new year

31.12.2012 – MESOP / WFW-Baghdad: The first lady of Iraq (Hero Ibrahim Ahmad) said, they have promised to each other that they will be together forever and we will keep our promise and spend the new years eve together.

In a press release released by (Mada) newspaper, the first lady of Iraq (Hero Ibrahim Ahmad) talked about her relations with Mr. Talabani saying “Since we married each other whether in the mountain or doing the undercover work for the party, Jalal Talabani was always stressing on staying with each other and this is a promise we have made to each other, we will spend the new year together and I will go with her to Germany, even if all his friends from all over the world gathered up with him, I will still stay with him”.

In her statements which is translated to Kurdish by (Xendan) regarding Mr. Talabani’es health the first lady of Iraq said “Jalal Talabani was contacting me and answering my questions through his actions and body language which made me really happy, I am very optimistic, the German doctors also insured me that the treatments will have strong influences on his health, they also said that his health will improve very much in the next few days”.