Maliki’s intransigence unites Kurd parties in disputed areas

30.11.2012 – Kurdistan Tribune – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation to Baghdad has returned home with the bitter news that Iraq prime minister Nuri Al Maliki has refused to dismantle the Dijla operation forces in the disputed territories. KRG president Masud Barzani has made a statement condemning Maliki’s action as illegal and in breach of the Iraqi constitution.

Ayad Samari, a former leader of the Iraqi parliament, told a local news agency that Maliki is showing a gruesome picture to the world in his treatment of the Kurds and the KRG. Muktar Al Sadr, leader of the Sadrist list, told reporters that Maliki is acting like this to provide cover for all the corruption that his government is involved in. Amar Hakim, another Shia leader, has advocated the ‘road map’ proposed by Iraq president and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leader Jalal Talabani. This would involve returning the disputed areas to their status prior to 1968 when the Baath Party came to power.

President Barzani said, “We have to make provision for further talks”. He also said the KRG will not tolerate any illegal movement of forces in the disputed areas and will not allow them to become a theatre of operations for the Dijla forces.Azad Jundiani, PUK media secretary and politburo member, told GK TV that, “Maliki’s statement will strengthen the front against Maliki”. As further evidence of the unity of Kurds during this emergency, seven Kurdish parties – including the KRG’s two ruling parties, plus Gorran and two other opposition parties – have agreed to put forward one list in the council elections in the disputed areas. This is called the List for Brotherhood and Harmony. Najmadin Karim, Mayor of Kirkuk, told Kurdish TV that Kirkuk Council controls the city. “We will not accept being ruled by any other forces such as Maliki’s forces”, he said. Maliki has failed in his attempt to exploit Kurdish political divisions: Instead the Kurdish parties have responded united and with one voice. The Iraq premier is digging his political grave by resisting a political solution to the disputed territories.