Maliki is not reliable, Sadr Movement warns Kurds

20-1-2014 – Kurdpress – The Iraqi Sadr Movement warns the country’s Kurds not to support Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s run for premiership for the third time as he has not put his former promises into practice.

Due to his weak acts, Sadr movement is against Maliki’s nomination for premiership for the third time, the movement’s representative in the northern province of Kirkuk, Sheikh Raad Sakhri, was quoted by Anadolu News Agency as saying on Sunday. He further warned the Kurds should not repeat their former mistakes and back Maliki since the PM has not set his promises to the Kurds, Sadr Movement and al-Iraqiya List into motion. The security and political situation of Iraq has deteriorated during Maliki’s term and the country has not seen any improvement in his foreign relations, the Sadr official added. He went on to say that the Kurds are not predictable they are now against Maliki’s re-nomination but it is not clear whether they will change mind or not.