The awful truth of Yarmouk camp starving in Syria is that it is not starving, only part of it is. Unfortunately inside the camp is a population of pro Assad Palestinians (Those affiliated to Jibril http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Jibril ) and some who are Under threat. When there were clashes in the camp a while back, many of Jibrils members defected as not to support the regime..he fled but has an upper hand now in the area.

    While on the other side are Palestinians who saw Assad crimes and stood against Jibril and the regime. What has happened is that yes there is food in the camp but orders have been given to increase the price for certain areas and ban it in other areas while blocking the roads thus leading people to starve. The prices are considered expensive for working people in the UK. Consider that price in a war zone & in a camp that always was poor anyway and now under siege ?

    You see photos of people dying in the road of hunger and by them men and women walking by looking healthy and ignoring.

    That’s because inside Yarmouk is a mini war in itself. Not just by the Assad regime but by the people of Jibril. There is food in the camp. It’s not an issue of no food. The issue is helping those starving get the food either by reaching their closed areas within the camp or buying food from the threatened sellers and distributing to the poor.

    The siege of Yarmouk camp differs to other sieges where the regime besieges it from the outside and we have to find ways to get in and help the people. Yarmouk camp has food inside, but dirty politics has led to dozens dead of starvation and videos being released of people eating leaves and twigs and rotten remains..a camp where politics has led to some watching others die of starvation as they enjoy an evening meal at home.

    The saying of the prophet Muhamad on his tongue and God tells us…..

    “He is not a believer, who eats his fill while his neighbour is hungry.’

    ´He does not believe in me, who eats his fill while his neighbour beside him is hungry, and he knows about it’

    ´Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him not harm or annoy his neighbour…’

    The prophet told his companion: ´O Abu Dharr, if you cook some broth, add extra water to it, and take care of your neighbour.’ … According to another report he said, ´If you cook some broth, add extra water to it, then think of the families in your neighbourhood and send some of it to them.’

    Awful situation indeed.