Leyla Zana : World and regional situation not ready for Turkey Kurds independence

Kurdpress – 19.6.2013 – The Kurdish independent deputy of southeastern province of Diyarbakir Layla Zana said the world and regional situation does not allow the independence of the Turkey Kurds, T24 news portal said.

Addressing a two-day Diyarbakir conference, Zana said she wished full independence of the Kurds from Turkey but the ideal is not always possible. “The present political situation of the world and the region never allows the independence of the Kurds and we should not step towards the move”, Zana said in “Northern Kurdistan Unity and Solution” conference. She added the Kurds should think of ways and plans which are in line with the demands of the people and the situation of Turkey and the region. The deputy added people will choose living with Turks if a referendum is held in Kurdish regions whether people choose independence or remaining in the country.