Letter to the Nobel Prize Nominators & prominent World Leaders

Nobel Peace Prize 2014 for President for Abdullah Öcalan still on Imrali Island

Dear Mr (Mrs),

Or:  Your Excellency, etc. ……

We, the undersigned,  academics, writers  and human rights activists, would like to see Mr. ABDULLAH  ÖCALAN as the Nobel Peace Prize laureate for the year 2014.

We would very much appreciate if you would consider proposing Mr. Öcalan as a candidate. We are sending this letter to a number of other prominent world leaders, politicians, academics and human rights activists.

Mr Öcalan has been, particularly in the last long number of years, a man who has shown determination and courage in searching for peaceful and democratic solutions to the many problems affecting not only Kurdistan , but also the wider region.

Among the Kurdish people it was only natural, having regard to the long history of oppression, massacres and genocide, that they would long for and demand for a long lasting peace.

 Mr  Öcalan has maintained his high ideals of endeavouring to keep the Kurdish and the Turkish peoples together in one country and under one constitution.

What Alfred Nobel wanted to encourage and reward was hard work to secure “brotherhood among peoples”. To an astonishing degree, Abdullah Öcalan has been able to establish and maintain a degree of peace and brotherhood among the different peoples of Turkey, in spite of the very difficult circumstances through decades.

We believe that an award such as the Nobel Peace Prize will be seen as a recognition of the plight of the Kurdish people, victims of severe oppression through many decades in the four countries of the region, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey, and of the Kurdish wish for a peaceful, lasting solution of their problems.

The address of the Nobel Committee is: The Norwegian Nobel Institute, Henrik Ibsens gate 51, 0255 Oslo, Norway. Fax: 0047 94761117. Email: postmaster@nobel.no .

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the undersigned.

Yours respectfully

More Infos contact: mesop@online.de