Left Party: Kurds should go to Geneva II as an independent delegation

ANF – QAMISHLO 05.01.2014 – The Kurdish Left Party in Syria General Secretary Muhammad Musa has stated that the failure of the talks in Hewler between the West Kurdistan People’s Assembly (MGRK) and the Syrian Kurdish National Council (SKNC) to produce sound conclusions was down to the SKNC being part of the Syrian National Coalition, and was therefore unable to make independent decisions.

Musa added that the fact parties within the SKNC (Al-Parti, Azadi, Yekiti) had put their organisational interests before national unity had contributed to the failure of the talks, saying the outcome was at least better than nothing, using a Kurdish proverb: “being cross-eyed is better than being blind”

There are disagreements within the SKNC

According to Musai disagreements between the Kurdish political parties in West Kurdistan have reached a problematic level that disturbed the people, and the talks began in Hewler after the PKK and KDP requested a resolution of these problems.

“The Geneva II talks were one of the main items on the agenda in Hewler. There was intensive debate. As you know, our council is in the Syrian National Coalition. The SKNC cannot act independently of and take different decisions from the coalition as this would cause problems. At the meeting we decided to participate in the conference as Kurds. This was a previous decision of the SKNC, but the Political Unity Movement which dominates the SKNC did not recognise this decision. The 6 parties within the SKNC wish to go to Geneva 2 as part of the Syrian National Coalition”, Muhammad Musa said, and emphasised that left circles wished to attend the conference as an independent delegation.

Musa continued: “Whatever the name of the delegation the important thing is to go in an independent delegation. If the Kurds go to Geneva in the Syrian National Coalition the Kurds will not be represented properly. For this reason as the Left Party we say it is necessary for the Kurds to go to the conference as an independent delegation.”

Musa added that the Kurdish movements had achieved a “being cross-eyed is better than being blind” outcome at Hewler, adding: “Sound decisions were not taken at Hewler. For instance a decision to attend the conference as a joint delegation could have been reached. If the Kurds go as an independent delegation it would give a stronger message, that without the Kurds the problem of Syria cannot be resolved. We know that many forces do not want the Kurdish question to be on the agendas at Geneva.

Musa remarked that if agreement had been reached and then permission was not given for the Kurds to attend as an independent delegation the Kurds could have boycotted the conference, adding that but unfortunately such agreement was not reached at the meeting in Hewler between the MGRK and the SKNC”

The Kurds have the right to establish their own administration

Musa added that the Kurds had the right to set up their own administration, saying: “In our opinion there are two aspects to democratic autonomy. One is service. There is a vacuum in places from which regime forces have withdrawn. Some bodies have been established and are functioning, but a proper system is needed. Every region should set up its own administration. Opposition forces have done this in Aleppo, Homs, Hama and in some areas of Damascus. We as Kurds living in Rojava can also set up our own administration, but this is not a permanent solution, as the administration is an interim one. However, it will constitute an important basis for our people. Arabs, Assyrians, Chaldeans and Circassians can also take their place in this structure.” Kurdish Left Party in Syria General Secretary Muhammad Musa added that many of the parties within the SKNC, apart from the Political Unity, wished to participate in the interim administration. He continued: “The Syrian National Coalition stated it would not accept democratic autonomy. Therefore the SKNC cannot participate, but the parties within it, apart from the Political Unity, may take part”.