LAW 8 FGM – Another small success

AWENE 24.9.2012 – After Human Rights Watch and a group of NGO’s in Iraqi Kurdistan (including WADI) harshly criticized the KRG for not implementing the law against Domestic Violence and FGM the Kurdish Government recently gave a promising statement: Iraq’s Kurdistan govt promises serious steps to implement Law Nr. 8 against Domestic Violence.  And this comes after our successful campaign with another 40 Organizations for lobbying for the implementation of the law and insisting and criticizing them in many occasions. The practical step of Kurdistan Regional Government KRG for the law implementation are the following points :

• Establishing special court for dealing with the cases of violence against women.

• Opening a new Branch of police.

• Starting awareness campaign by high council of women’s affairs.

• Improving the service in the women shelters.

The organizations said “this is exactly the main demands we had, when we met Kurdistan Parliament spokesperson and the high council of women’s affairs on June 21, 2012”.