LATEST NEWS: An explosion took place in the southeastern province of Dersim at 18:00, killing six troops and one bystander.

Dersim – BIA News Center – 25 September 2012, Tuesday – An explosion took place in downtown Dersim (Tunceli) in southeastern Turkey while an armored vehicle was passing in vicinity of Kanoğlu at 18:00 today. Six troops and one bystander lost their lives in consequence of the blast, according to the broadcasting station CNNTürk.

The explosion occured near the city center and rising plumes of smoke are still in sight, Barış Yıldırım, the Dersim branch representative of the Human Rights Foundation (İHD,) told bianet. Authorities have transferred a large number of ambulances to the area, he added. Another nearby vehicle also caught fire while the armored vehicle was in flames, according to reports. The wounded were rushed to the Tunceli State Hospital. (AS)