Lakhdar Brahimi receives Syria Kurds- opposition agreement

12.2.2014 – Kurdpress – The UN-Arab League mediator in Syria civil war Lakhdar Brahimi received an agreement made between Syria opposition coalition and the Kurds Patriotic Coalition, Rudaw said.

According to the report, Brahimi himself has asked for the deal signed between the two sides.

We agreed on three important issues including removing Arabic word from “Syria Arabic Republic,” confirming the existence of Kurds in the constitution and cancelling military curfew in the Kurdish regions of the country,” a member of the Kurdish Coalition Mustafa Sinu said.

He added they have not signed any deal with the opposition line over Syria’s future governmental structure but “we have told them that federalism is the best option for us.”   

The official added the opposition has not been able to meet with the government deputies and representatives in the conference, held in Geneva, Swiss. The talks aim to find a political solution for the Syria civil war.