Kurds will attend in Geneva II: Ahmad Asi Jabra

22-12-2013 – Kurdpress – The chief of Syria opposition coalition announced the Syrian Kurds will attend in the upcoming Geneva II conference that is due to be held in the Swiss city on January 22, Rudaw TV said.

Jabra arrived in Kurdistan Region of Iraq days ago at the invitation of the region’s president Massoud Barzani to discuss the country’s crisis and negotiate about the fate of Syria Kurds in future Syria. My brothers in Syria Kurds Patriotic Council (affiliated with Barzani) are members of the opposition coalition and they will go to Geneva II, he told Rudaw. Jabra added Barzani has always backed Syrian people’s revolution and “l saw the meeting as great and we discussed many issues.” He later addressed a group of Kurdish students in Syrian refugee’s camps in Erbil. A number of the students told Rudaw that they made questions about the rights of Kurds in Syria new constitution and the right to learn in Kurdish but Jabra has ignored answering them.