Kurds: There Is Communication Between Jahbat al-Nusra & Regime

Sipan Hamo, spokesperson of People’s Defence Units says there is communication between Jahbat al-Nusra and the Syrian regime.

There were similar suspicions by other so-called ‘more secular’ FSA groups about Jahbat. After 2003, the Baath-regime sent Syrian jihadists to fight against the US forces and Iraqi government in Iraq. He also says the groups they are fighting against are not Free Syrian Army (FSA). Moreover, he says they are not fighting against Arab tribes in Tal Tamir, but Islamic extremists and called on Arab tribes to join YPG. There were fights in Tal Tamir between Sharabiyin tribe (that used to be pro-regime) and YPG.

Postedby Wladimir van Wilgenburg / http://networkedblogs.com/KWnXb