Countries are worried about Ankara- Erbil relations: Hussein Celik

Kurdpress – 13.6.2013 – There are big problems in our relation with Kurdistan Region and there are regional and western countries that are worried boat the relation, Ruling Justice and Development (AKP) deputy leader Hussein Celik was quoted by Dogan news agency as saying.

Celik added the countries are imposing pressures to stop Ankara- Erbil relations, stressing that Turkey will never regret creating the relation and will strengthen the all-out ties.  “I’d like to tell all the regional and opposing countries that there is a fraternity relation between us and Kurdistan Region,” Celik went on to say, adding that Ankara would do everything to develop the Iraqi self- ruling region.

Celik, a Kurdish deputy in Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, stressed Turkey is firm in solving its Kurdish question and the PM will talk in detail about the peace talks with Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the coming days. Celik is the first Turkey official which refers to the region as Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  Turkish politicians call the enclave the Kurdish administrative in the north of Iraq.