Kurds in Europe protest 9 October conspiracy against Öcalan

07 October 2012 – ANF – Kurds and their friends in Europe have once again taken to the streets this year to protest against the 9 October 1998 international conspiracy against PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The international conspiracy which ended up with Kurdish leader’s being expelled from Syria was protested in the German city of Kassel, Swedish city of Stockholm, Swiss capital city Bern as well as French cities of Marseille and Paris. With the marches and protest demonstrations at the 14th anniversary of the conspiracy, Kurdish people voiced their demand for Öcalan’s freedom and called on international establishments to take action against the severe isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader for the last fourteen months.

On the other hand, the international signature campaign for Kurdish leader’s freedom is also expanding across the Europe with the most recent stands opened in Finland’s capital city Helsinki, Norway’s capital city Oslo, Swiss city of Zurich, Austrian city of Dornbirn and French city of Toulouse. One other protest for Öcalan’s freedom has been carried out in the German city of Lohne where a group of Kurdish people started a hunger strike in support to that of political prisoners in Turkish prisons. The three-day strike will end with a public meeting on the 8th of October.