Kurdistan region, KNNC: 16-2-2014 – More than 20 rallies and demonstrations have been held in the last two months in the Kurdistan region and activists, journalists and civil society organizations warn the Kurdistan Regional Government that any further delay will cause serious consequences, the Kurdish Awene Weekly Newspaper reports.  

The most observable events in the region recently include the strikes against delays in salary, lack of cash in the banks, instability of the economic situation, killing of journalists, lack of service and the legal gap that faces the region because of delaying the formation of the eighth cabinet.  

Most of the demonstrations have been held in Slemani Province, while Hawler, the capital city of the region comes second. Kawa Garmyani‌’s assassination has been so far the most discussed topic and hundreds of demonstrations and rallies have been held in all the three cities of Hawler, Slemani and Duhok.  In the last two months, employees and staff of many directorates demonstrated against delays in salary including directorates of the Ministry of Education, Electricity, Religious Endowment, Health, Peshmarga, Municipality, and many other directorates threatened to demonstrate if their salaries are not given on time.