Kurds campaign to stop violence against women: Garmyan leads the way

1.5.2013 – Kurdistan Tribune –  Women activists in the district of Garmyan have set up a local committee to campaign against violence against woman.

Garmyan belongs to the town of Chamchamal and there are plans to set up more committees in other areas such as Kalar, Kfri and Khanakin. Alongside the women activists, members of political parties and representatives from some religious sectors have agreed to participate. The committee has discussed plans for an awareness campaign involving local neighbourhoods, mosques, schools, and so on.

KT congratulates the organisers and hopes this initiative will spread across the region. But these community campaigns must be backed up by state action – the police and courts must take violence against women much more seriously. Kurds around the world can be proud of their recent campaign against the misogyny and racism of the brutes who control Iran’s judicial system. The south of Kurdistan is controlled by Kurds and it should become a model for women’s rights, in the Middle East and beyond.