Kurdistan’s delegation in US with a billion dollar to ensure Barzani stays in power

Kurdistan independence movement (KIM) April 8, 2013 – WASHINGTON D.C.,—  According to the intel obtained by Kurdistan independence movement (KIM), a high-level delegation from Kurdistan Regional Government KRG is in the United States. They are carrying big checks (15-20) billion dollars to ensure Massoud Barzani stays in power for another 2-4 years. State, CIA and Pentagon.

They all need their share and so do I. Apparently our Gov is involved in the ongoing corruption in Iraq. A large number of US diplomatic and military officials have businesses in Iraqi Kurdistan. but that is ok, because our economy is bad. we did lose thousands of troops, and tens of thousands are disabled and unemployed and countless veterans to take care of. When I was in Iraq, I was approached by Iraqi FM Hoshiyar Zebari and offered the opportunity to control his business. He offered me 5% which I declined because of my loyalty and because the mission would fail. it has been 3 years now. Make sure you wire 1 million dollar to my account. That is my share for 3 years. not 250,000 or 500,000. Not a penny less than a million ( 1000000). I was offered more when I was there.

I stayed loyal and now its your time to stay loyal.