Iran Said to Send Troops to Bolster Syria

The Wall Street Journal – Iran is sending commanders from its elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and hundreds of foot soldiers to Syria, according to current and former members of the corps. The personnel moves come on top of what these people say are Tehran’s stepped-up efforts to aid the military of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with cash and arms….

New stage of the Kurdish issue

Hurriyet Daily News – About a year ago, at the top of the debate agenda sat the changes in the Kurdish policies of the government. This question was asked in an atmosphere of harsh language and a security-based stance: “How did we come to this stage from the Oslo process?”…

Erbil, Baghdad Urge Restraint as Shaky Standoff Continues

Al Monitor – Three Iraqis were killed and six others wounded in Mosul, a city witnessing a precarious situation amid mounting tension at the border with Syria. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) described the situation in the contact area between its troops and the Iraqi army in the province of Nineveh as “delicate,”…

Chinese delegation visits ‘next Dubai’ Kurdistan

Global Trader – A further indication of the growing importance of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has come with the visit of a high-level delegation from China. Dubbed by some observers as the ‘next Dubai’ because of its vast oil reserves, liberal business environment and political and social stability….