Kurdistan Region presidency neglects Jabhat al-Nusra threat in statement

The presidency of Kurdistan Region has neglected the threat of Islamist extremist group of Jabhat al-Nusra in its statement about the situation of Syria Kurds.Despite the investigating committee’s statement where it said al-Nusra has announced the killings of Syria Kurds is permitted, the presidency statement has neglected the issue, NRT website reported.

The investigating committee’s report, signed by seven members, told the first Kurdish National Congress, scheduled for November, that al-Nusra has allowed through mosque speakers, the killing of Tel Aran villagers. The Kurdish region presidency has, however, neglected that part of the committee’s statement, NRT added, linking it to rifts between the region’s leadership and Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union party (PYD), which control the Kurdish regions of war-torn Syria.