ANF – Brussels 29.05.2013 – Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has released the final declaration of the 13th KNK General Meeting which took place in the Belgium capital of Brussels on 25-26 May.

The meeting was attended by some 200 delegates, representatives of 35 organizations and parties as well as of 50 institutions and establishments from four part of Kurdistan. The declaration of the general meeting, where KNK prepared its work schedule for the coming period, listed the following points as to the decisions KNK made during the meeting for the coming period;

1- KNK will continue gathering all national dynamics on the basis of national unity.

2- KNK will carry out works for the conference for national unity in Kurdistan.

3- KNK will organize widespread works for the liberation of Mr. Öcalan and other political prisoners.

4- KNK will work in local and foreign public for the naming of Mr.Öcalan as a candidate to Nobel Peace Prize.

5- KNK will urge the French government to release KNK Executive Council Member Adem Uzun

6- KNK will protect the achievements in Kurdistan, especially the status of Federal Kurdistan Region and the new position of Western Kurdistan

7- KNK will support the new process Öcalan and KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) initiated in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey

8- KNK will defend the rights of not only Kurds but also of other ethnic and religious groups in Kurdistan on the basis of a democratic society, including Assyrians, Chaldeans, Armenians, Turks, Persians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Ezidis and Shias.

9- KNK will establish a democratic, social and secular system in western Kurdistan, to re-construct the entire administrative structure, security forces in particular, on the basis of unity

10- KNK urges the U.S., EU and other countries to eliminate PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) from the lists of terrorist organizations

11- KNK calls on the UN and other international establishments to support the cause of Kurds and Kurdistan and to provide contribution to the achievement of a democratic solution to the Kurdish question

12- KNK urges the Iranian state to end the policy of execution, violence and repression and to negotiate with the leading political powers of Kurdistan

13- KNK calls on all national dynamics in eastern Kurdistan to create a coalition unity and to ally with Iranian opponents against the regime

14- KNK calls on western Kurdistan to abide by the Hewler Agreement and to unite under the roof of High Kurdish Council.

15- KNK asks the government of Federal Kurdistan Region to take a close interest in the districts outside Kirkuk and Kurdistan and to make an effort for the inclusion of these regions to Kurdistan again

16- KNK calls on Turkish, Arab and Persian peoples to support the people of Kurdistan for the establishment of a democratic, social and secular system basing on a free, peaceful and common life.

Nilüfer Koç and Tahîr Kemalîzade were elected as the co-chairs of the KNK and the following names were elected as the members of the Executive Council; Zübeyir Aydar, Adem Uzun, Rojan Hazım, Dilşah Osman, George Aryo, Songül Karabulut, Rodî Melek, Sorouer Kemanger, Refîq Gafur, Nizamettin Toğuç, Medeni Ferho, Nadya Mozirî and Behzat Pîrmusa.