KURDISTAN IRAQ : KRG`s Response to Maliki`s Decision of Cutting Employees` Salaries

PNA – On March 3, 2014, Safin Dzayee, KRG’s spokesman, in a statement released on KRG`s official website, said, “We have not expected such a decision from Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister, as he has lived in Kurdistan and graduated from Erbil to let the political disputes affect people’s daily lives and cut salary’s of KRG employees.”

Ongoing disputes between Erbil and Baghdad regarding Kurdistan Region’s share of the Iraqi budget has worsened as the draft has not been ratified in the Iraqi house of the representatives yet. As well as, Maliki is continuously threats KRG to cut the salary of its employees. Erbil officials state that Baghdad’s decision to cut Kurdistan Region’s share of the Iraqi budget is neither constitutional nor legal. 

Dzayee says that Maliki’s decision is in the time of Erbil-Baghdad negotiations to reach a solution which shows that Baghdad is not in favor of dialogue, but still Erbil expects Baghdad to be more into negotiations instead of deepening the problems and cutting employees` salaries.The spokesman stated that KRG is taking constitutional elements to solve the outstanding issues with Baghdad but Iraqi Federal Government cut the salaries which are unacceptable because Kurdistan Region Budget is a constitutional right, it should not be used as a political card to settle disputes.

“Iraqi Federal Government is violating the Iraqi constitution by not treating all the Iraqis equal, the other parts have received their salaries but not KRG as Baghdad put sanctions on the citizens of Kurdistan Region,” Dzayee added.  On why Baghdad should support KRG and not try to be in conflict with Kurdistan Region, Dzayee said that the Kurdistan Regional Government ‘KRG’ reiterates that the Iraqi officials should support the economic development processes of KRG as it is the safest part of Iraq and home for all the other Iraqi ethnicities who flee from their homes due to instabilities and conflicts regardless of religion and sectarian differences.

“Iraq should be proud of Kurdistan Region,” Dzayee added. On the KRG oil exports, Safin Dzayee said that Erbil officials have clarified this point in their meetings with Baghdad, and Baghdad knows that up to date, KRG has not sold even a barrel of oil.

We ensure everyone that KRG wants to solve the oil issue through dialogue because KRG wants to have a role in raising Iraq’s revenue,” Dzayee noted, talking about the oil issue. Regarding passing the Iraqi 2014 law draft which has been postponed session by session, Dzayee equipped that the adjournment is not related to the provincial budgets and employees salaries. KRG spokesman concluded the statement by ensuring KRG employees to put all their efforts to provide them salaries. Moreover, KRG will stand against any violation attempts on their rights and incomes.

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