Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union – Koma Civaken Kurdistan / THE COPRESIDENCY OF KCK EXECUTIVE COUNCIL


24-11-2013 : On December 17, 1999, November 25 was designated as the international day for the elimination of violence against women by the UN General Assembly. On this day, women from all over the world take to the streets and protest the violence against women. We salute the significant and valuable struggle of the women all around the world who, fill the arenas with a great spirit of rebellion and strongly express their rejection of the mainstream male-dominated paradigm.

 Violence against women is the strongest social genocidal weapon that the 5000-years-old state-based civilization and male-dominated culture has ever developed. The male-dominated civilization has by implementing violence against women pushed the society into submission in the person of women. Violence is the most effective weapon to which the male-dominated civilization has resorted as a means of enslaving the community. Along with the commencement capitalist civilization this weapon began to gain great legitimacy and has, by then, taken the level of social slavery, social degeneration and disintegration to the highest degrees.

The capitalist civilization has turned the women into the most profitable object in the market, commerce, and industry, thereby adopting ‘womanocide’ as a systematic policy and a social culture. Such inhumane practices as suicide, murder, execution, stoning, rape, forced marriage at an early age etc. to which the women are subjected are the painful results of the aggression culture which the sexist system has led to. Moreover, the sex and ad industry founded on the basis of exploiting the personality and body of the women demonstrates the high systematic level of policies aimed at massacring women.

Violence against women is the most cruel level to which the male-dominated mentality, system and culture has reached. The poison of this mentality and culture disintegrates the community, damages standards of judgment and deepens moral degeneration. Therefore, the elimination of violence against women is not a struggle to be carried out only by women; rather, it is the most comprehensive struggle for honor and freedom to be shouldered by humanity and all the society. This struggle is not only the freedom and democracy struggle of all the women, but also a struggle for freedom, equality, justice and democracy to be carried out by all the society. The elimination of violence against women is a struggle against the exploitative, genocidal, and monopolist system and culture and at the same time the greatest struggle of humanity for freedom, democracy and equality.

Democracy is the system to end all kinds of violence and give rise to a free and egalitarian life. The women’s struggle which leads to democracy will surely achieve freedom and equality. Spearheaded by the Kurdish women, the PKK’s 40-years long freedom struggle has brought about the mentality for a free, equal and democratic life. In order to establish a democratic system on the basis of this mentality, we call on all the women and all the peoples, especially the Kurdish women and the women in the region, to advance their struggle for freedom, equality and democracy for the elimination of violence against women and to show active participation in the establishment of a democratic system.

24 November 2013