Kurdistan attracts Iranian businessmen with free land /Barham offers Kurdish soil

20.02.2014 – Edris Ahmed – BasNews, Sulaimaniyah – In a special ceremony marking the opening of the Bashmakh border between the Kurdistan Region and Iran, Sulaymaniyah governor Bahroz Mohammed Saleh announced they would be welcoming Iranian businessmen to invest in the Kurdistan Region.

“We will give free land to all Iranian businessmen in order for them to invest and trade in the Kurdistan Region as well as providing them with free water and electricity supplies,” said Saleh. He pointed out that they have previously signed agreement with Tehran between both Sulaimaniyah and Sanandaj provinces for more trade relations. 80% of the agreement has been implemented and it is expected to be finalized by the end of 2014. One of the strategic projects between Sulaymaniyah is the free way project between Sulaimaniyah and Bashmakh border which would cost ID 41 billion added Saleh.