PKK “THINK TANK ‘LEKOLIN’” : Turkey Government-al-Nusra links exposed


ANF – News Desk 27.09.2013 – Kurdistan Center for Strategic Studies, Lekolin, has published a document which allegedly reveal the Turkish government’s links with al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front fighting Kurds in Rojava, West Kurdistan.

The document, a circular letter Interior Minister Muammer Güler sent to the governor of Hatay, is alleged to have been sent to the governors of Mardin, Urfa and Antep as well. It has been published by daily Özgür Gündem today. The circular letter dated 15 March 2013 is themed “provision of the necessary support to al-Nusra mujahids Turkey backs against the PYD (Democratic Union Party) in line with its regional interests, and their settlement in public social facilities”.

The letter put emphasis on the importance of “providing the required support for al-Nusra mujahids Turkey brings from various countries under the control of the National Intelligence Service (MIT) and has them fight against the separatist organization PKK’s wing PYD, ensuring their safety and abiding by the confidentiality of the matter ”. The Minister’s circular letter called attention to Hatay province’s strategic importance for enabling the al-Nusra militants’ crossing into Syria, and instructed that the delivery of the logistic support to the armed groups, their training and the treatment of their casualties should mainly be arranged in the Hatay province, in line with the coordinated support by MIT and the governor’s office in Hatay. The Minister’s letter also underlined that al-Nusra militants sent to Hatay should settle in institutions affiliated to guesthouse of Directorate of Religious Affairs and public guest houses determined by the MIT.