Kurdish Rivals Reach Agreement in Ayn al-Arab

Yekiti Media confirmed that the Kurdish National Council reached an agreement with the People’s Council of West-Kurdistan. The agreement doesn’t include however the recognition of the YPG as the only legitimate armed force as reported by Xeber24.

According to Yekiti media: local KNC/PYD agreement stresses the ‘unity of Syria’s land and people’ and Arab-Kurdish brotherhood/revolution. Refusal of Kurdish forces to enter Arab majority areas, while Arab forces shouldn’t enter Kurdish majority areas. Condemning the looting of Kurdish houses and assaults on Kurdish parties by JN/ISIS in Tel Ebyad. The emphasizes that the Kurds are an integral part of the Syrian revolution for the overthrowing of the authoritarian regime’s dictatorship. Statement also underlines Arab-Kurdish brotherhood and renouncement of Arab-Kurdish infighting and focusing arms against Assad. Agreement to form joint political committee of two councils to manage civil peace in the Kurdish areas.

Posted by Van Wilgenburg – 27.7.2013