Kurdish parties of Iran sign cooperation agreement

ERBIL, Aug.22 (AKnews)- Revolutionary Organization of the Toilers of Kurdistan (best known as Komala) and Democratic Party of Kurdistan (DPK), two Kurdish opposition parties of Iran, signed an agreement for cooperation, said a member of the central committee of Komala. Komala General Secretary Abdolla Mohtadi and his counterpart in DPK, Mostafa Hejri, met yesterday in the politburo of DPK, said Salar Pashayi. 

Pashayi said in the meeting which lasted five hours, the leaders discussed the current situation in Kurdistan, Iran and the Middle East and continued with discussing the draft of the agreement. At the end of the meeting the leaders signed the agreement for which the parties had met several times. Pashayi said the agreement contains the general and common principles and missions of the parties for the power and regime change in Iran.

“This agreement will become a basis for the joint work of both parties in policy, diplomacy and media and at the same time… a basis for more cooperation among the other [opposition] forces in Kurdistan [region] of Iran,” Pashayi said.

Asked whether the agreement will enjoy any support from outside Iran, Pashayi said “I think if the agreement is well introduced, it will have a positive and good effect in the world, with the superpowers, in the European Union and the four parts of Kurdistan.” 

In the agreement which has been disclosed to the media the parties underline they believe without toppling down the current regime in Iran democracy and the ethnic rights of the peoples in Iran cannot be achieved.The signatories also stress in any negotiation with the rest of the Iranian dissident groups, the two parties should coordinate and give priority to the interests of the Kurdish nation.  Komala and DPK both support the struggle of the Kurdish nation in all parts of Kurdistan and refuse any intervention in any part of Kurdistan, regarding it “an improper and damaging policy,” according to the agreement.

DPK was founded in 1945 in Mahabad under the slogan of “autonomy for Kurdistan” which was later replaced by “federalism for Iran.” The party is now divided into two wings, one led by Hejri and the other by Khaled Azizi. Komala was founded in 1978 and after a number of changes it was reorganized in recent years to be led by Mohtadi.