Kurdish MP Vian Dakhil calls to investigate murder of young Yazidi in Slemani / Working for a prominent PUK person

SOUTH KURDISTAN ((IRAQ) –  Shafaaq com + ezidipress – 12 May 2015 – SLEMANI, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— Iraqi Yazidi MP of Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi parliament, Vian Dakhil called on Tuesday, local authorities in Slemani (Sulaymaniyah) city to open an investigation into the murder of a young Yazidi man who was brutally killed on Monday.

Vian said in a statement that ” We received the news of the murder of a young Yazidi who works in one of the guard headquarters of a prominent political figure in Slemani city with severe pain.”She explained that “according to information we got , the young Yazidi Mousa Mirad Khidir Kirani was killed in an ugly way, where he was killed by (concrete blocks) without any justification.”She added “As we trust Kurdistan judiciary, but at the same time we point out the importance of punishing all those involved in this heinous crime, whether who carried it out or instigated it and to compensate the family of the victim in accordance with the laws in force. The 20-year old Mousa Mirad Khidir Kirani has been found dead Monday morning in the Kurdish city of Slemani. Reports said to have been brutally murdered, according to eyewitnesses. The Yazidi was employed as a security guard in the “Grand Millennium”, a hotel owned by the wife of the former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Hero Ibrahim Ahmed.His body was found in the staff office by the hotel´s security. Kirani himself was not armed since the security staff is not authorized to carry arms. Prior to his murder, he had been apparently complaining about offensive remarks by his colleagues about his religious affiliation. The city of Slemani is, however, considered as the Kurdistan’s most secular city. Kirani from Shingal (Sinjar) and fled in August last year when Islamic State (IS) militants invaded the Yazidi region. In Slemani, he made a living for his family. Another Yazidi whose name has not been revealed for security reasons has been kidnapped by unknowns at the same place where the murder took place. Local security forces have initiated an investigation.

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