Kurdish Independence Movement KIM : Nominating Representative for Presidential Elections

In the wake of a meeting held by its board members from numerous countries ( Canada, Germany, Sweden, USA and South Kurdistan), KIM concluded that it may nominate one of its key members in the upcoming election in Kurdistan, as well, set for September 21st. – Our campaign slogans:

For setting up a government of the people by the people for the people, first free elections must be held in Kurdistan in which representatives of people can elect themselves as candidates. To further move Kurdistan ahead, new individuals with new ideas are always needed. No president should be able to serve more than 2 consecutive terms. No exceptions must be made for no one.

Independence: As clear from our organizations logo, KIM will never compromise on our nation’s legitimate right to independence even it has to take actions unilaterally. However, given the realities on the ground, we firmly believe that we have to first start working on the infrastructure to ensure that we meet international requirements for statehood, something that according to our assessment, both the ruling parties and opposition have failed to achieve since the liberation of South Kurdistan since 2013, another historical opportunity lost. Once these demands are met, we should reassess the situation in 2016. Such a move ( declaration of independence) will be in cooperation and coordination with allies and international community. We definitely will consider the concerns/views of neighboring countries, but we, the people of South Kurdistan, will ultimately determine our destiny, not Tehran, Washington, Damascus or Ankara. KIM will not tolerate foreign meddling. We believe that both the ruling parties and opposition need to start cooperating in earnest to pave the way for such a reality to transpire. We ask for actions, not words.

Our stance on Kirkuk and Kurdish areas: they must be incorporated back into KRG by peaceful referendums. Wining the hearts and minds of Kirkuki population by proving that they will be better off with an independent Kurdistan is key. This strategy must begin by providing them basic services and broadening their cultural, ethnic and religious rights. Independence is incomplete with Kirkuk but just talking about it does not resolve the issue, as well. There must be proper plannings/strategies by both the opposition and ruling parties to present. An 80/20% partition blueprint ( 80% in favor Kurds) is also a practical formula to perpetually bring an end to the crisis in Kirkuk. This will avoid conflicts with other constituencies and neighboring countries in future .

As regard religious and ethnic minorities: More attention must be paid to further improve the life quality of minorities living in South Kurdistan. Kurdistan Parliament does not sufficiently reflect their views and voices in numerous vital matters. Therefore, the best solution would be by increasing the seats allocated for minorities in Parliament so that they can better advocate their respective rights. We recommend building more churches, synagogues, mosques and religious sites to promote culture of peace, pluralistic co-existence and religious tolerance.

Peace: KIM believes in peace with all peoples and governments across the globe. We will extend our hands of friendship and encourage all countries to establish their consulates/embassies in South Kurdistan. This initiative will be an important move to lead South Kurdistan toward independence.

Women Rights: Domestic violence, crimes and discrimination against women must stop and this can only happen when women themselves directly participate in every sphere of life. Women can in a more positive way express and represent themselves.

Tourism: Paying special attention to tourism is both beneficial for attracting people all over the world to further get them acquainted with our culture as well as help generate extra source of income for state. KIM is pro green and a pro economic growth organization. All states institutions must be merged and transformed into non-partisan entities to better serve the nation. One of our priority is to combine the intelligence, security and Peshmerga forces. By doing so, more employment opportunities can simaltanously be created and the quality of performance will drastically increase.

Unemployment: The growing problem of unemployment must be addressed. Job placements must be must be based on ones merits and qualifications, not partisan or personal favors/connections. Most collage students can be employed easily if there are proper plannings. To create jobs, state institutions must be established.

Corruption: We are strongly opposed to corruption, mismanagement and embezzlement. If properly apportioned, Kurdistan’s annual income is more than sufficient to address most of our issues. KIM has in its possession a list of roughly 4700 corrupt individuals, mostly being senior politicians, parliamentarians, ministers, and businessmen. KIM will first ask them and will write to them to return those funds back to Kurdistan National Bank otherwise we will do everything in our power to have them prosecuted on corruption charges. KIM also urges many countries to remind their citizens to withdraw from corruption.

Basic services: Minimum attention has been paid to the rural areas. Most such distant areas lack adequate electricity, clean drinking water, health care, and high education. KIM will ask for provision of fast Internet for citizens for faster communication with the world. Post office, more universities, health centers, and highways connecting major cities and provinces to encourage further trade and commerce are required to be built. All these can happen in 2-3 years time frame if we wish.

Technocrats and Kurdish communities abroad: KIM encourages every one to actively get involved in the development process in South Kurdistan. KIM desires to see a decision-making board made up mainly from highly skilled technocrats in which their views are consulted on central national arguments impacting our nation.

Re KIM: it is 100% pro youth movement. It believes in the power of our youths and intends to invest and empower the youths to build a more prosperous and developed future Kurdistan. It is a totally non-partisan, independent organization. It maintains its impartiality. It has persistently rejected material support from numerous foreign embassies and government agencies. It extends its willingness to only work with Kurdish political parties in Kurdistan for Kurdish people as long as they serve the interests of our nation.

Where there’s a will there’s a way – Together we will succeed!

Baqi Barzani – 1-571-340-4261 USA –  Facebook: kim independenceforkurds