Kurdish girl becomes Secretary General of International Union of Socialist Youth

Swedish-Kurd Evin Incir is the new Secretary General of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY).

5-3-2014 – MESOP – “At the age of six my family and I move from the Kurdish parts of Turkey because of the lack of democracy and human rights for Kurds,” wrote Incir on her Facebook profile.

Incir, 29, was a project manager but during the IUSY World Congress 2014, she nominated herself for the Secretary General of the IUSY and won. The IUSY headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria and encompasses 150 different youth organizations in 100 countries around the world. “We must show that we not only think that diversity is important but that we practice what we preach. We also need to continue to strengthen the commitment to international solidarity,” reads her Facebook profile