Kurdish genocide in European Parliament’s agenda (ARARAT NEWS)

By Lorin Sarkisian / Roni Alasor – Brussels, 13 February 2014 – Ararat News (ANP) – Members of the European Parliament (EP) are preparing a letter requesting recognition of the Kurdish genocide by EU. The letter will be sent to the President of EP Martin Schulz, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy Catherine Ashton and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy calling EU to recognize the Kurdish genocide during Saddam Hussein`s dictatorship.

The MEPs initiative has been announced during the meeting of the Delegation for Relations with Iraq in the EP in the presence of Sabah Ahmed Muhammad (Mamosta Aram), Kurdish Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs. Minister Aram Muhammad presented shortly the facts of Anfal campaign and the arabisation policy leaded by Saddam Hussein from 1974 to 2003: “We have been victims of systematic oppression, deportation, massacres and destruction, which resulted in 182,000 disappeared people, 4000-5000 destroyed villages, 5,000 innocent civilians, mostly women and children gassed to death in Halabja”.

“The international recognition of the Kurdish genocide during Saddam Hussein`s dictatorship will prevent future genocidal crimes, especially in region like the Middle East where the ground has still huge potential for ethnic cleansing”, said Minister Mohamed.

Mr. Aram underlined that all genocides and crimes against humanity have to be recognised and punished forever to not be repeated again.

Iraqi Ambassador in Brussels, Mohammad Alhumami pointed out that remembering the Kurdish genocide is not only duty of the Iraqi or Kurdish people. But it is also a matter of international duty to learn lessons from the history. The international community has to fulfil its obligations to prevent such crimes, he said.

The meeting chaired by Struan Stevenson, Chairman of the Delegation for Relations with Iraq in the EP has been organised after the call of President Massoud Barzani to the EP and EU to recognize the Kurdish genocide. In January 2014 during his last official visit in EP, President Barzani asked the European Institutions to show solidarity with Kurdish people and to join the decision of UK, Swedish, Norwegian and other national parliaments which have already recognized and continue to discuss the Kurdish genocide.The Head of the KRG Mission to EU Delaver Ajgeiy told to ANP that Kurdistan Regional Government and its diplomatic representation in Brussels are actively promoting wider international recognition of the Kurdish genocide. “All Kurds have to work together for achievement of this national cause”, said Ajgeiy.

Mr. Omer Zawity, Representative of PDK Holland and Mr. Sirwan Maaruf, PUK representative in Belgium were among the Kurdish representatives who attend the meeting.

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