Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Statement

KCK Executive Council Presidency stated:

15.2.2013 – MESOP – This conspiracy that is against freedom, existence and future of our nation, was neutralized by all-out resistance of our nation. The unique resistance of Leader Apo, cadres and more importantly the great dedication of our nation, in spite of all deficiencies neutralized this conspiracy.

KCK continued in its statement: “the massacre in Paris that our comrades Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leila Shalemiz were brutally murdered, was committed on the base of 15th February plot. Although the role of Turkey is clear on the 15th February plot but this kind of crimes cannot be committed without the help of international powers. The other attacks in Europe against Kurds have been committed in accordance to these policies.”

In this statement the KCK pointed that the main purpose of 15th February’s conspiracy was to eliminate the role of Leader Apo in Kurdistan and Middle East, but they have never achieved it. “In this crucial and historic stage our nation world wide should condemn the 14th anniversary of international conspiracy of 15th February – the Dark Day in Kurdistan – by enhancing their activities and demonstrations. The demonstrations should become an introduction to a new political stage. Then, the Kurdish nation on 15th February should launch one day national strike in all over Kurdistan and should not go to their work, schools, and universities,” the KCK noted in its statement.