Kurdish areas not controlled by the KRG – no disputing

Kurdistan Tribune – 17-12-2012 – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has agreed to describe the areas formerly known as ‘disputed territories’ as ‘Kurdish areas not controlled by the KRG’.

The idea was first suggested by Arif Qurbani, editor-in-chief of Xandan website. In response,  Kurdistan Regional president Masud Barazani phoned him to accept his proposal. The president’s office has issued a decree on this matter, for the guidance of all ministries and departments. This move has angered some parties in Iraq, who have called the phrase ‘unconstitutional’, while most Kurds see it as a statement of fact.

Maliki and Barzani halt war of words

Kurdistan Tribune –  17 Dec 2012 – Iraq prime minister Nuri al Maliki and Kurdistan Regional president Masud Barzani have agreed to stop their media campaigns against each other. This follows efforts by Iraq president Jalal Talabani to persuade the Maliki government to stop stirring the cauldron of conflict. The two sides have set up a committee tasked with tackling problems and disagreements arising from the Kurdish areas that are not controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Washington does not want war between Iraq and Kurdistan: Kurdish MP

BAGHDAD, shafaaq.com 17.12.2012 – The independent Deputy in the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed on Saturday, that the United States does not want the outbreak of fighting between Erbil and Baghdad, while hinted that Turkey want to aggravate the situation between the two parties to have a role in Iraq.

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