KRG officials will not meet Salih Gado

14-2-2014 – Kurdpress –  KRG officials will not meet Salih Gado: official The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials will not hold any meetings with Salih Gado, the Foreign Minister of Syria Kurdish Cezire Canton, and KRG official quoted by Rudaw as saying.

KRG spokesman, Safin Dezaee, stated the northern Iraqi region does not recognize Kurdish cantons in northern Syria and would not meet officials of the autonomous administrations. Heading a high-level delegation, Gado arrived in Sulaymaniya yesterday. The visit was conducted at the official request of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Gado is due to meet Iraqi officials in Baghdad and make a visit to Ankara. He will asked Baghdad and Ankara to open their official border pass ways to Syrian Kurds. –