KRG Interior Ministry Statement on Salih Muslim / PYD

28-10-2013 – Following the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) decision to deny Salih Muslim’s entry into Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurdish Interior Ministry issued a statement in order to clarify the government’s stance regarding the issue.

According to the ministry, the borders into Iraqi Kurdistan have always been open to people like Salih Muslim, and as a result the region has come under threat. Despite this, the Kurdish government continued providing unlimited facilities.

The official statement also alluded to President Barzani’s close interest in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) and claimed that he has continuously assisted all Kurdish groups in Syria. The statement also said: “President Barzani wants to gather all Kurdish groups under one Kurdish national umbrella in order to create one unifying discourse”.

The ministry also accused the PYD of taking advantage of the facilities provided by the KRG, and that through the assistance of the Syrian regime he has imposed his party’s force.

“Despite the facilities we have provided Salih Muslim, his recent remarks and activities are against the national unified Kurdish agenda. He serves the interest of the Assad regime. The PYD must admit it committed crimes against the Kurds,” said the Interior Ministry. Meanwhile, Syrian National council, the Syrian opposition umbrella to Assad regime and the political wing of Free Syrian Army has accused the Iraqi government of helping Kurdish YPG forces control the border town between Iraq and Syria.