Chief IRGC military ‘adviser’ killed in Syria’s Daraa –   Haidar Jalilund, the chief military “adviser”

    Orient Net Publication Date: 2017-06-16 11:38  – Iranian Tasnim news agency reported that one of the most important officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was killed in Syria during clashes with the opposition fighters in the city of Daraa.

The agency confirmed that Haidar Jalilund, the chief military “adviser” to Iran in Syria, was killed during clashes with fighters opposed to the Assad regime in Syria, indicating that he was killed during the battles in Daraa.Earlier this month, the Iranian news agency IRNA confirmed that two mercenaries of the Pakistani Zeinabiyoun militia, linked to the IRGC, had been killed in clashes in Syria, without specifying the exact date or place of their deaths.

Zeinabiyoun mercenaries are fighting alongside Assad regime, most of them from Pakistan’s Kurram tribal region, home to several Shiite tribes, including Toure and Bengch.Iran has sent mercenaries to fight in Syria under the IRGC militias. These militias are divided into mercenaries from Afghanistan, under the Fatimiyoun militia, from Pakistan, under the Zeinabiyoun militia, from Iraq, under the Nujaba militia, and from Lebanon, under Hezbollah. The National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed that by the end of 2016, more than 10,000 IRGC and Iranian-led Shiite militias have been killed in Syria since the Iranian intervention to bolster Assad regime.